AIDG | Attitude for italian distribution of gourmet

Italian Gourmet Atelier is the brainchild of an ensemble of companies of the Italian Food and Beverage sector for the HORECA industry. They decided  to merge their expertise and quality products, offering  coordinated proposals and integrated solutions, to restaurants, bars, pizzerias and hotels.

Trademark of our Network of Enterprises is the shared passion to fulfill our mission: the idea that the customer satisfaction paramount.

Fueled by the ambition to become a reference point for Food & Beverage hospitality entrepreneurs, the co-founders, Orobica Food, QuattroErre – Villa Domizia, Caffè Ravasio and ROS Hotel Supplies, have created a portfolio of customized proposals, which meet the customers’ expectations and simplify, for them, the management of purchasing and logistics.

Our objectives

Distributing Italian Food and Beverage all over the World

Our goal is to bring the quality of our products and coordinated proposals, Made in Italy, to the largest number of countries of the world.

Convey the Power of our Network of Companies

We are a group of well established enterprises, successful in their respective trade fields of Italian Food and Beverage sector for HORECA, who believe in a shared project of innovative proposals. Combining economic resources, managerial skills and marketing, we are determined to strengthen our presence and penetration potential in export markets.

Optimize logistics and forwarding

We offer, to our foreign customers, the convenience of placing orders through coordinated and flexible shipments, reducing costs and simplifying purchasing procedures.

Offer added value to our Customers

The great quality of our commercial offers, combined with the flexibility of our service, enable us to offer, to our customers, great added value for their maximum satisfaction.

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