We export the best italian food in the world

AIdG’s core business is in Italian food trading and our aim is to spread, throughout the world, the Italian culture of great cuisine and the delightful fine dining, not only delivering products and ingredients, but also promoting the culture and variety of Italian food products.

Our daily commitment to our customers, is to cater them through Italian food trading, and offer the best possible combination between quality and price, enabling even the most discerning palates, in every corner of our planet, to have supplies of great quality.

The success of our daily work is testified by the constant growth of our export sales, wherever we presented our suggestions. This way our customers discover and appreciate the great appeal of the Italian gourmet proposals of AIdG, chosen for and with them. Choosing AIdG will bring Italian gourmet produce on your tables!

Our strength is in our network for the italian food trading

AIdG is a Network of Companies, established to spread, through Italian food trading, the delight of good cuisine, in all its aspects, all over the World. Our mission is to become a reference for foreign firms, operating in the HORECA industry, looking for credible and trustworthy suppliers of Italian produce.

Operating together, allows us to offer a bouquet of products that fully represent the taste and style of Italian hospitality products worldwide. A ‘convivia’ of entrepreneurs of good taste, created to bring the pleasure of Italian flavors on menus all over the World.


Orobica Food

Established in 2002, Orobica Food ltd, is today among the most renowned food distributors in Lombardy. We are a modern and dynamic company, producing, selecting and marketing local, fresh and frozen Italian food specialties. The offered selection, of typical Italian food produce, is assembled through the careful selection of about 200 suppliers, from all over the country.

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Villa domizia

Villa Domizia, was established in 1995 to fulfill the new tasting trends of wine consumers, with products with deep roots in the territory.
Wines and spirits labeled Villa Domizia gradually established in the market for their innovative nature and are appreciated by a wide range of consumers, because fully suite the trendy changes in tastes. An appreciation that motivates us to continue to search, combining tradition with innovation.

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Ravasio Caffè

Ravasio Coffee has been synonymous with signature coffees for three generations. Passion and creativity that, since 1923, for over ninety enthusiastic years, taught us the skillful art of making true gourmet coffee. Our customers, like us, are coffee lovers who don’t drink but savor, able to distinguish, in a cup of coffee, the difference between a habit and a ritual, as proven, all over the World, by those who, once tasted our blends, have become our best testimonial.

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ROS forniture alberghiere

Founded in 1984, ROS built its great reputation, with its HORECA customers, by distributing the best world brands of catering products. Our assortment, always current and in tune with the latest trends in design, consists of: porcelains, glass and crystal, cutlery, cookware, finger food, equipment for kitchen and bar, serving trolleys, professional uniforms, etc … A warehouse of more than 6000 sq/mt allows us to keep everything in stock and to satisfy, in a short lead time, the needs of our customers.

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