The vintage back on the table

Having conquered the wardrobe and have convinced the interior designers from around the world, the old style also lands in setting space gourmet, creating romantic charm and atmosphere of yesteryear without forgetting practicality table.
The mise en place for 2016? Speak the language of the vintage. China, glassware and cutlery abandon the belief grandmother to come out and give a new face to the table that is seduced from Old style but reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Design colors through processing everything is a celebration of the style of yesteryear making the melancholy romanticism and retro feel its notes of inspiration. The effect is an elegant and chic layout that plays with emotion to create atmospheres that link on the memories of the old days to engage.
After rising on the runways and be snuck in the door of the house promoting the recovery of furniture and home accessories, vintage fashion arrives now on the table, ready to seduce lovers of the original solutions and curious experimentation as lovers of clean lines and lovers of the simple.
Materials research, harmony between aesthetics and durability, balance between quality and cost, attention to design and functionality are the conditions that will define success.